• 1

    Do comprehensive audit of Housing Units , Hotel, Medical Centre, Shopping Centre, Office Building exc. measure against utility bill and kWh rating and Rand value.

  • 2

    Build feasibility proposal and highlight optimisation opportunities to lower the total power consumption of the project.

  • 3

    Present feasibility and give the various timelines for the optimisation of the project.


Clients team with us knowing they will have access to our exceptional technical and advisory skills at any stage of their project, from feasibility studies through the construction and asset management, and on the business advisory and knowledge transfer.

Home Energy Audit

3D Presentation and Sun Simulations

This enables the client to view the end results in the beginning of the project. We offer comprehensive 3D views of the building to eliminate any possibility of the panels not complementing the environment and roof type.

We are uniquely equipped to do 3-D renderings and solar arc simulations. This enables us to model the exact number of PV modules that can be used on any given site.