Solar PV Hybrid Power Systems


PV-Diesel Hybrid Solutions.

Photovoltaics and Diesel – the power of two.

The combination of PV and Diesel generators offers all the advantages of the respective systems while eliminating their possible weaknesses: Solar electricity is comparatively cheap and creates almost no maintenance costs. Yet, its availability is limited to the daytime (as long as no storage devices are implemented). Diesel generators offer power all around the clock, but inevitably drive costs up.

However, the key to tapping the enormous potential of hybrid solutions is an advanced intelligent management of the power sources involved: The KACO FuelSave operates on an intelligent control unit which ensures that as much PV-energy as possible is used and still keeps the genset in its optimum working range. In this manner, KACO FuelSave offers all the benefits of a hybrid system:

Maximum amount of PV
Adding a relatively small PV system to a genset is easy. But then, the fuel savings are small, too. Integrating a PV system of significant size bears technical challenges. The KACO FuelSave allows you to integrate a large PV system which translates into significant fuel savings.

Lower fuel costs
While fuel costs are rising continuously, we don’t have to pay for sunlight and we will never run out of it. Using solar power to generate electricity liberates you from the threat of rising fuel costs.

Beneficial for health and environment
The combination of a fuel driven genset and a PV system significantly lowers emissions of airpollutants and noise thus improving the direct environment of the citizens in its vicinity.

Profitable today.

Substituting Diesel generated electricity with PV is profitable today! The remarkable development of new production processes and considerable efficiency improvements of PV technology have driven down electricity generation costs below the level of the Diesel already. And this cost gap is most certain to increase in the near future. Have a look at the recent price decreases: in the year 2000 a “solar kWh“ would have cost ca. 1$. Nowadays, electricity from the sun is generated for less than 0.15 $ / kWh. And, depending on various factors such as the size of the PV Generator or the local irradiation, in sun belt countries the costs of “solar electricity“ can be even lower than this. Electricity generation costs based on Diesel take the opposite direction: think of rising costs for explorating, recovering and refinig oil as well as transporting it to the target markets.

With the KACO FuelSave solution payback periods of 3 to 5 years are common. Diesel savings of 25% and more can be achieved or, depending on application and daily load curves, even exceeded: a return on invest (ROI) of > 200% over 10 years is likely to be expected. On top, 2.5 tons of CO2 emissions per 100 liter saved fuel will help mitigating global warming.

Profitable today.

Off-grid systems such as a PV and Diesel hybrid, are characterized by the generators and the consumer profiles which differ in terms of time. Assuring supply means adjusting these profiles to each other. The FuelSave system consists of the Diesel generator and the PV generator complete with modules and mounting system, the power electronics (inverter) and the intelligence needed to coordinate the components of the system.

Measuring points continuously register all voltage and current data that form the basis on which the Diesel PV ratio is optimized.

The controller receives the data from these measuring points and makes sure that a maximum PV amount is implemented at any given time without slowing down the Diesel performance.

A multitude of applications, one solution: FuelSave.

The FuelSave design is the apt solution for many different applications. Wherever Diesel generators represent the main power supply, KACO FuelSave will help you to reduce your energy costs. Whether industrial plants, cold storage houses, sea water desalination plants, irrigation systems, remote holiday resorts or many others: the fuel save can serve individual needs.