Our Proud History

For two decades, Merchant West has organically grown its business across the financial services sector. Starting in 1998 as a subsidiary within a listed asset management firm; in 2002 the founding directors identified the massive potential of the business and undertook a management buyout.

Since then Merchant West has grown exponentially, adding new branches and franchises along with an expanding professional staff contingent. For a more detailed view of our growth, have a look at the timeline below.

Our Purpose

To improve the fortunes of our clients

Our Vision

We aspire to be the leading specialist financial services company in our chosen markets by providing tailor made financial services to our customers

Our Mission

Be the leading specialist financial services company by attracting and retaining talented staff, servicing our customers and partners and by creating value for our stakeholders

Our Values

We hold fast to five core values that drive us to constantly ARISE and uplift our clients and their business:


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